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How do I cancel? / How do I get a refund?
How do I cancel? / How do I get a refund?

Not for you? Here's how you can quickly cancel Promote and get a refund if eligible

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If you're looking to cancel your subscription, we're sorry things didn't work out for you! While we make every effort to get the best experience for you it sometimes is not always to be.

Fortunately, you can cancel your subscription within the Quuu Promote account settings panel. Just answer a few short questions about why you chose to do so, and we'll automatically terminate the subscription for you. It's really important for us to learn how we can improve things for everyone, so do let us know the reasoning behind your cancellation!

Cancelling your subscription

You can start the process by heading to Settings on the menu bar and then to Your subscription finally clicking Cancel subscription. Simply answer the questions, and we'll get your plan taken care of.

Getting a refund

Refunds are only eligible if you meet the 15-day money-back guarantee terms and conditions. To meet these requirements, your content must have been

  • In active promotion for 15 days or longer

  • Said promotion having less shares than advertised on the landing page under the So how many shares could I get? section for the applicable category

If you meet these requirements, whilst cancelling select Results as the reason for cancellation. On the next step, you will be able to select a promotion that was set live 15 days or longer ago. We will automatically check the number of shares this received against the landing page guarantee and let you know your eligibility. If eligible, you will receive your refund automatically.

Refunds can only be processed using the automated process, and this is not something typically handled in the live chat.

Termination grace period

Once cancelled, you will retain your benefits until the end of the billing cycle.

I can't cancel! Help!

On some older versions of Quuu Promote, we supported bolting on subscriptions and stacking them to achieve more allowances. Because of this, sometimes our cancellation wizard cannot start because it doesn't know which subscription to target automatically. This is rare. We appreciate the frustration it may cause. In these instances, we'll be more than happy to help, just reach out to us and we'll progress things for you.

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