If you've gotten this message, first of all, Sorry! It is frustrating when this happens but luckily the process of fixing things is straightforward.

When you submit an article, it gets loaded into your feed, opened in reader mode, shared by a user and more, Quuu sends a request out using "QuuuBot" our crawler which grabs the freshest copy of your article it can.

We get the article title, Contents and any opengraph images if we don't yet have them for your dashboard.

When this happens our server will send a page view request out to your blog and let us know the response code (To make sure it's not a 404) as well as any data.

If we don't get a good response we'll try again with different variables. If still no luck we'll put the promotion into a pause state if it's active or show a warning message on your dashboard or new promotion wizard to let you know.

Typically, services like Cloudflare or other Wordpress firewall plugins see these requests as spam because these requests don't work like a user visiting a site normally. They do this to protect your site to make sure it won't be DDOS'd.

Because of this, sometimes you will need to tell Cloudflare (or other firewall plugin) to allow requests from Quuu. This is so we can get the information we need to construct valid promotion data and provide a good experience to our users.

To do this, consult the support website of your firewall / plugin to find out how to whitelist IP addresses.

When you are ready, you will need to whitelist and which are the Quuu IP addresses we make our requests from

Once you've done that, simply retry the promotion or wait a few days for the error to clear. If it remains the same after this period of time feel free to reach out to us and we'll look into what might be blocking things.

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