Promoting a post to thousands of engaged users has never been easier, either follow the video above or the step-by-step guide below!

1) Start by clicking on Promote a Post

2) Enter the URL of the post that you'd like to promote

3) Create the share text that Quuu users will share out on social.

Help your content turn heads! Try...

  • asking a question

  • including an attention-grabbing statistic

  • sharing an interesting or inspiring quote your social message. Think about what would make you (and others) click on this link.

Quuu Promote will pull information from the OpenGraph data that comes with each URL, but if you' prefer an image, then you can upload your own.

The preview will update accordingly 

5) Select the most relevant category/audience that you would like to promote your content to

6) Click on Submit, we’ll automatically deduct a credit from your account.

Each piece of content submitted to Quuu Promote is hand-reviewed, to make sure that it follows our Content Curation Criteria, we try to get through the posts as efficiently as possible. 

It typically takes 1-2 business days to review submissions and approve them, depending on how busy we are. But don't worry, you'll get a confirmation email in your inbox when we have reviewed yours!

QuuuJump is an available feature if you cannot wait that long, it is a one-off (non-refundable) payment of $20 which, as the name suggests, jumps you to the front of our queue of reviews!

Once approved, your submission will then be sent out to subscribers the following morning!

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