As you know, our in-house content team hand-reviews all posts that are submitted to Quuu. 

During the review process, we will optimise them for social engagement, so that you get maximum shares and clicks. This means we may make edits to your original share text. Some things we might change are:

  • Twitter handles: if we can find them, we’ll add the post author/source’s Twitter handle to the short share text. This can help increase your followers and social engagement, plus it’s a nice way to keep track of shares.

  • Hashtags: we recommend using up to 3 in the Twitter share text only. They need to be relevant hashtags that are widely used.

  • Promotional copy/strong opinions: we’ll remove things like ‘Get this special offer’ or ‘By Quuu, the best content curation app in the whole wide world’. 

  • First-person point of view: remember that the post will be published on Quuu users’ social profiles, as though they had shared it themselves. So it won’t make sense for them to write a Tweet that says ‘I conducted this case study…’. We will either change this sort of copy to the third person, or put quotation marks around it. 

  • Emojis: often these don’t translate successfully in the app and can appear as question marks. If this happens, we’ll remove the question marks. 

  • Length: all posts submitted to Quuu must now have open graph data, meaning the long share text for Facebook & LinkedIn will ideally be more than just the headline. In these cases, we may pull a quote from the article or subheading. Equally, we may condense share texts that are too lengthy. 

  • Images: if we feel images are inappropriate, poor quality, irrelevant or promotional (e.g. a company logo), we’ll remove them. 

When creating your promotion, the best thing to do is put yourself in the shoes of the Quuu users receiving it as a content suggestion. How would you want a curated post to appear on your own social profile?

We hope the above helps and let us know if you have any further questions 

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