At Quuu we accept many different forms of content, from articles, podcasts, vlogs, even detailed infographics, we are always looking to accept new content of the highest quality so long as it’s in accordance with our Quality Criteria - which you'll be able to read in full below.

If you've got high-quality content that provides a certain level of depth to a subject and has been soundly proofread then submit it to Quuu for review!

The following are the rules that our Content Team use when reviewing each and every piece of content that's submitted to Quuu Promote.

At Quuu we pride ourselves on the fact that we hand-review each submission, ensuring that it's of the highest quality. 

By following these rules our content team make sure that they approach each submission as objectively as possible.

Binary: Rules For Exclusion

If the answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the following questions, then the article is not suitable:

B1 – Does it contain bad language or explicit content?

B2 – Is it sales-focused or promotional in nature? This includes landing pages, ads, trailers, competitions, and any content that promotes a product or service. (Confused? Check out our post on why content should focus on helping, not selling.)

B3 – Does it focus on a single product, service or brand? Fair and unbiased content about household names (e.g. Apple or WordPress) is okay. All other content that focuses on a single, specific product is not suitable. This includes reviews, press releases and launch pages such as Product Hunt listings).

B4 – Is it in any language other than English?

B5 – Is it difficult to view, read or understand? This includes content that is obscured by pop-ups, written in an illegible font, or that is simply written in a confusing way. It also includes gated content whether that be paid or requiring an email sign-up to access the content.

B6 – Is it going to be out of date soon? Promotions last 30 days, so the content needs to be relevant for at least one month.

B7 – Does it contain obvious grammar, punctuation or spelling errors? We all make mistakes, but if they are persistent and distracting, we can’t accept it.

B8 – Is it a home page, index page or a link to a social media platform?

We can only accept individual pieces of content hosted on a website, blog or content platform (e.g. Medium).

B9 – Is it too specific for the intended category? This includes content that targets a very niche audience or is only relevant to people in a specific location.

B10 – Are there any dead links and/or hyperlinks that lead to irrelevant content. This also extends to content that links excessively to sales-pages.

B11 – Is it too strongly opinionated or biased? Your post may be shared by people who do not have the same views.

B12 – Is it already being promoted? Content can only be promoted in one category at a time, under one URL. If you’d like to try another category, you can do so once the first promotion is finished.

B13 – Does this source make up over one-third of a category’s content?

B14 – Is the content too similar to previously submitted posts from the same account OR, is the content deemed to have been plagiarised or closely copied from another original source.

Subjective: Rules For Inclusion

S1 – The content must be deemed to provide sufficient interest or value. Content that performs best on Quuu Promote will help, entertain, inform or inspire readers in a tangible way.

S2 – The content cannot be deemed to be too offensive, shocking or inappropriate.

Many people share Quuu content from professional or company social media accounts. We have to bear this in mind when reviewing submissions.

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