How to find the referred clicks that Google Analytics tracks:

You can see clicks in Google Analytics via the Quuu ref or UTM tags. 

Under ‘Behaviour’  > ‘Site Content’ > ‘All Pages’ > Then look for content with ‘ref=quuu’


Some reasons for possible discrepancies:

Google Analytics 'sessions' vs Quuu 'clicks':

The way that a unit is measured varies slightly between the two. Through Quuu, every single time the link is clicked it counts as a visit. For Google Analytics a visit counts as all user interactions within a given time frame (which expires after 30 minutes of inactivity). 

So, if somebody clicked on your twitter link three times in the space of five minutes, Quuu would count that as three visits whereas Google Analytics would see it as only one.

We are working on integrating more in-depth analytics in the future.

Your browser settings:

Google Analytics cannot track your movement when you have cookies disabled, Quuu still counts these clicks.

Problems with your page loading:

If your page takes too long to load and people click away before it opens up Google Analytics does not register this as a view. Same case if your page doesn't open at all.

Google Analytics not setup properly:

Lots of sites do not have Google Analytics implemented correctly which can mean that some Quuu traffic will not be properly tracked by Google Analytics.

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